Counselling plays a major role in supporting people’s mental wellbeing.

Since the beginning of Paranimo, we’ve worked with counsellors from across the country and partnered with the National Counselling Society to ensure the highest standards of therapeutic support for our the employees of our business customers.

What we can offer you

The organisations we work with can set up payment schemes with flexible usage limits, based on their budgets. Usually this will be 6 sessions but it doesn’t have to be. Once the funded sessions are used our system will transition to self funded bookings.

As a Paranimo counsellor, you will be paid for every counselling session you deliver by video, telephone or in person.

You will be paid:

  • £40 for business
  • £30 for charities
  • Whatever price you usually charge for self funded

Keep things consistent

Working with us should be a seamless and easy experience, so we want to keep things as close to your normal way of working as possible. 

You can add your normal “Terms of Working” and you can gathering any safeguarding information you usually collect during sessions with your clients.

The only thing we insist on is you don’t try and pre-agree a set number of sessions in advance with your clients. This is because it could create conflict between what is being funded for that person by their businesses or charity.

We handle the admin

When someone is seeking support they simply contact us. We then work with them to match to the right registered NCS counsellor. 

Once the right match has been found, we will then reach out to you to organise the first session. 

Repeat bookings can either be organised by us, or yourself with the client with bookings made through our platform. It only takes a few clicks!


We process bookings, payments, and invoicing for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Interested in Joining?

Email [email protected] or call 0333 090 1772