Cultural Wellbeing

How it works

A revolutionary new data driven approach to proactively improve employee mental wellbeing

Understand your culture in the new Remote working age

Introducing our Cultural wellbeing managed service solution

Do you really know how your employees are feeling?

Working outside normal hours
Sleep disturbance
Feeling isolated


Analyse your employees working behaviour whether they work remotely or in the office. Pinpoint key behavioural changes and impacts on mental health using our AI solution. Work closely with your dedicated account manager to interpret findings and advise your management team on how best to provide support. 


Employees access personalised support using our matching intelligence, with access to 12,000+ providers via our marketplace. We match based on relevance, personality and availability. Support delivered however employees like either online, telephone or in person.

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Utilise validated outcome measurement tools to analyse key metrics such as mental health, resilience and sentiment. Integrate measurement data into wider organisational cultural analysis to better understand your cultural wellbeing. Build an organisation that is happy, healthy and productive!

The complete managed service for Employee mental Wellbeing


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