Career and Wellbeing Solutions

Leadership and Management training in employee mental wellbeing

Paranimo has partnered with CareerWell Limited, a well established provider of Career Transition, Coaching and Workplace Health & Wellbeing services to support you in putting employee mental wellbeing at the heart of your organisation’s culture. 

Access bespoke training and workshops across:

  • Understanding and Managing Mental Health
  • Stress Awareness and Stress Management 
  • Building Personal Resilience
  • Building Team Resilience 
  • Wellbeing Consultancy (such as building a new strategy, reviewing existing health & wellbeing plans etc
  • Coaching & Mentoring for internal Health & Wellbeing Managers/Leaders
  • Mindfulness

Jayne Carrington

Sessions will be run by Jayne Carrington, a widely respected leader in the health and wellbeing industry with over 20 years of experience operating at Board Level.

Jayne’s style is engaging, pragmatic and energetic.  She aims to make learning and development easy, enjoyable, experiential, and actionable.

Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Work is good for people. Work not only creates income but also provides human contact, a sense of identity and belonging, support, structure and purpose along with mental stimulation all of which can be linked to physical health and mental health. This translates into strong and sustained organisational benefits. People who feel good about work and good about themselves are more creative, more productive, more engaged and more effective in what they do. The benefits are enormous to organisations and to people.

We work alongside employers to build policies and programmes which support their leadership and management of wellbeing. Every organisation is unique and our team of consultants, coaches and specialists come to every assignment bringing their experience, of course, but also looking with fresh eyes and listening intently to what the business wants to achieve. Our partnership approach ensures that we understand and we tailor our interventions and we measure and assess impact on an on-going basis to ensure we meet your needs.