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Jay Shetty Podcast

Jay has a great collection of podcasts with guest with expertise in a huge range of wellbeing related sectors. He’s especially good with relationships and personal growth.

Jocko willink

His content is focused on purpose and self improvement from the point of view of a former Navy Seal. He’s pretty intense but if you are in to his style of motivation and discipline then his content can be very powerful.

kati Morton

An excellent collection of videos dealing mostly with trauma and negative emotions. Her content is generally 1-15 minutes long but has some longer form content as well.

She especially useful if you have an anxious attachment type as she spends a lot of time addressing issues around social anxiety in relationships. 


If you like epic motivation speeches then look no further.

This channel has an huge collection of inspiring speeches.

This example video is so popular you may well have already seen it.

Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author. He has a massive collection of interviews with experts relating to physcial and mental health, as well as broader science and philosophy, and has his own mindfulness app.