Paranimo helps HR Managers of SMEs to understand and improve employee mental wellbeing

Supporting your Remote Workers

How do you spot mental health challenges in remote workers?

The new way of hybrid remote working has added a new dynamic to managing organisational culture and employees mental wellbeing and its difficult for managers to know how employees are doing.

Data driven Proactive Support

Improve your Cultural Wellbeing

Our new cultural wellbeing solution uses analysis of usage patterns from communication tools, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, to detect changes in behaviour remotely and allow proactive support for remote workers. 

Choice of Support

The better the match the better the outcome

Simply being assigned a counsellor reduces the chances of a successful support, which is why we focus on matching people based on who can help them with the issues they care about and finding a counsellor they feel a connection with.

How can we help support you

Paranimo Cultural Support

For Employees

Simplify access to the right mental mental health support

Provide early intervention of support to prevent further declines in mental health and productivity

Provide access to support for families via a family scheme

For HR managers

Reduce admin burden to provide effective support and no overspend with flexible pricing

Proactive detection of changes within your corporate culture

Increase productivity of employees at individual, team and organisation level


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We are partnered with the National Counselling Society ensuring the highest ethical standards.

The better the therapeutic relationship, the better the therapeutic outcome

  • Free for counsellors to join
  • Focus on those you can help the most

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