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Signs someone might be about to leave

This isn’t so much focused on the wellbeing side. This is about the natural progression through a role in the broader career context. People will eventually want new challenges and opportunities and there is real value in the accumulate experience staff collect over time. It could be a good idea to keep an eye out

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What issues to address between co-workers

By this we mean what problems can arise between peers that can have a toxic effect on the culture. It’s not just the management that set the cultural tone, the interaction between staff will shape the perception of the company environment. These are things the “easy wins” that you, as a manager, can try to

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Red flags for staff and warning signs for managers

These are things I’ve heard consistently recommended to listen out for in employers and, as such, are things to avoid as managers and leaders. If you get the impression staff are viewed as replaceableIt’s fallacious reasoning on the part of the employer most of time. Either someone did a poor job selecting the new hire

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Management Styles

Before we start; no one should adopt a management style but rather view them as catalogue of approaches to use when needed. First and foremost it’s about knowing who works for you. Aside from the obvious benefit of having this attitude has on the overall culture, you as a need to know what style to

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Management and Wellbeing

Recognise hard work HR news reported a research highlighting the importance of recognition of effort. It may or may not surprise you to hear that feeling like you’ve been recognised for you work is more important than money. Here’s the results highlighted from the study. 59% of Brits would rather work for a business with

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What motivates your employees?

How do you make anyone feel engaged enough to go the extra mile? Or perhaps more importantly; how do you get an employee to go the extra mile? The emotional commitment required is easy to get if you own a company, or have ownership of a project, but it’s a much tougher thing to impart

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Spotting issues and early identification

How to spot negative mental wellbeing in your team No matter how well employees are managed, people will experience negative mental health issues while at work. As a manager who has responsibility for employees, it’s important to be able to spot signs of poor mental health in your team – especially if you want to

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Engaging with employees who show signs of negative mental health

So you’ve noticed a few frequent behaviours that are out of the ordinary with a team or staff and it’s causing you concern. You’ve decided it’s time to engage with them to see how they are. What do you do now? Below are some top tips on how to compassionately engage with them. Choose a

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